We give medical providers the Tools to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials

Why We're Here

Most clinical trials are conducted at large academic institutions, resulting in limited accessibility to patients. At Corlexia Clinical Services, we are committed to bringing clinical trials to community practices and to families who need treatment options.

There are many benefits to participation, but here are a few that resonates with many doctors:

  • Increase in revenue
  • Be at the forefront of research and collaboration with other thought leaders
  • Providing more treatment options for patients in need
  • Reducing the cost of medical care

Corlexia is currently working with multiple organizations researching GI and cardiovascular disease. There are numerous opportunities for upcoming studies. After an initial discussion, we can find the best option for your practice.

We do all the administrative work, provide the infrastructure, staff, and set-up.

Here are some general tools we provide:

Central Lab

Clinical Trial SOPs/GCP Training For All Site Staff

Pharmacy Support

Central Contract

Our Clients



Our job is to bring Doctors and Sponsors together and minimize the hurdles.

We know that ultimately our clients are the patients. It is our families and friends who need better treatment options. Patients are tired, often afraid, and almost always intimidated by the medical system. When given the option, most people choose to be treated by their local doctor at an office close to home. We created Corlexia to bridge that gap.

The doctors in our network are carefully selected based on their experience and interest in trial participation. They only choose studies that they can prioritize and are appropriate for their practice. Corlexia limits the number of clients we serve so we can deliver on our mission, one study at a time.

Healthcare is rapidly changing

Not only are treatment options changing, but insurance coverage varies. Unfortunately, with high drug costs and limited insurance coverage, many people do not receive the care they need.  Patients enrolled in clinical trials receive medications and assessments free of charge and independent of their insurance plan.  Some studies even allow a small travel stipend paid to the patient.