Provider-Centric Strategies​

Expand and Develop a Comprehensive Referral Program

Sometimes searching through the EMR helps, but often Doctor to Doctor connections make the most significant difference. We work with each site to expand their referral network.

Resident Events/ Lunch and Lean

One of the quickest ways to spread the word about your program is to tell a Resident. They are eager to get involved in innovative research and often see a lot of patients.

Continuing Education Events

Time is everyone’s limitation, especially for busy medical staff. However, they all must attend a certain number of CE events annually, which are great opportunities to expand your reach for referrals.

Medical Conventions

Conventions are great places to connect with your Investigators. They are also hectic times when people are pulled in multiple directions. Corlexia’s team coordinates meetings with your experts and Investigators. Even a 10 min chat over coffee helps keep your study front and center in their mind.

Human Connection with Your Sites

Each site is unique and has ideas of ways to support them. We customize a strategy to fit their practice, not the other way around.

  • Staff Resourcing for Sites
  • Training of Site Personnel
  • Digital Outreach targeting 50 miles of primary site location
  • Social media for sites
  • Printed Materials

Bootstrapping New Sites and Start-Up

Several years ago, we managed a rare disease program for Pompe disease.  This awful genetic disease presented at birth, and we were required to open new sites immediately as sick babies were born.  The babies needed the infusions within weeks, so time was critical.  That experience taught us the importance and insight to streamlining the start-up process.

  • Corlexia’s start-up expert will get new sites opened quickly.  We use our resources and our process to expedite it.

Corlexia Clinical Services supports each practice by providing you with the infrastructure to participate in the best clinical trials for your unique patient population. 

We remove the burden of managing the clinical trial administrative work so you can focus on patient care.

Join the Corlexia Team

We bring all the support you need so you can focus on patient care and trial conduct.