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Benefits To Participating In Our Network

Staff and Infrastructure

We provide and pay for trained Study Coordinators who will complete all study management and administrative procedures. Our Study Coordinators are experienced at running trials and can do all IRB filing and data management.

Increased Revenue

Participating in clinical trials adds an additional revenue stream to your practice and removes the burden of dealing with insurance payments.

Medical Advancements

When participating in a Corlexia study you contribute to the greater clinical research community. The data from your site may have an impactful influence on results and help to advance future treatment options

Collaborate With Key Opinion Leaders

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other experts in your field and be a part of the greater medical community. We can't promise that you will be personally named in a publication or poster, but your data certainly will.

Patient Offering

Clinical trials are another option for patients. Patients are more engaged in their healthcare and get treatment options free of cost.

Growth For Your Practice

For some trials, advertisements and referals will be included to notify the local area of trial activity at your practice.​

Corlexia Clinical Services supports each practice by providing you with the infrastructure to participate in the best clinical trials for your unique patient population. 

We remove the burden of managing the clinical trial administrative work so you can focus on patient care.

Join the Corlexia Network

We bring all the support you need so you can focus on your patient care.