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Corlexia was created by a team of biotech and pharmaceutical professionals. We even the days of three-part paper CRFs. The CRAs would sit and separate the pages, then mail them to data management. That sounds archaic now; at the time, it seemed EDC would never work. I’m sure we are all glad that EDC replaced our old blue ink pens, and those days of data entry are behind us. The pharmaceutical industry is often in a mode of change, yet the reality is much has stayed the same. One significant challenge is site recruitment and the high project management cost during extended enrollment periods. 

Corlexia was founded out of need. We were frustrated with low recruitment rates. The standard process of site feasibility hasn’t changed much in the past 30 years, yet the cost of research is steadily rising. Large institutions have high fees, and the worst part is they rarely deliver on promised enrollment targets. Meanwhile, many patients still don’t have access to cutting-edge treatments. 

The Corlexia team shares the common belief that Clinical Research studies should be more accessible to more patients. It helps patients, doctors, and drug developers. We know the hurdles, and we’re creating solutions.

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